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Laco Customer Service

Customer Service

It’s not only the watches manufactured at LACO that take center stage, but its customers as well. And since the LACO team is only satisfied when their customers are, excellent service is a top priority at LACO.

LACO strives to maintain an optimal service standard, and it is through its highly-skilled staff and a perfectly structured administrative process that the company can guarantee customer satisfaction. That a supply of spare parts for every model in the current collection is maintained is just one more sign of LACO’s commitment to its customers.

Cost estimate

LACO offers its customers the option of requesting an estimate prior to the commencement of a repair. A lump sum of 40 € is charged for this service, which is payable even if the repair is not carried out. For LACO mechanical watches that were manufactured prior to 1985, a lump sum of 98 € is charged.

Full Service

To ensure that your mechanical LACO watch remains a reliable companion for many years to come, we recommend a full service approximately every five years. A full service includes a complete disassembly of the watch’s movement, a thorough cleaning of its parts, and lubrication during reassemble using specialty oils to restore the precision of your timepiece. Naturally each watch is also tested, including a check of its water resistance and new housing seals fitted if necessary. The cost of this full service is dependent on the condition of the watch and the type of the movement it uses.

As a manufacturer of the original aviation watches made during the 1940s, LACO is pleased to offer the current owners of these revered and historical timepieces service and restoration options. LACO’s specially trained watchmakers are able, if required, to manufacture many of the delicate parts within the movements of these special watches. The LACO parts warehouse also has considerable stock of original spare parts for use by our service department.

Please send your LACO watch requiring service to the following address:
Customer Service
Rastatter Straße 8
75179 Pforzheim

Phone: +49 7231 157 523