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  • IF Design Award 2017 LACO Navy Pocket Watch LACO Navy Pocket Watch LACO Erbstück Leipzig LACO Erbstück Paderborn Bell X1 Spirit of St.Louis JU 52 DC-3 Berlin Deauville Ocean Monte Carlo Baumuster A Baumuster B


Commitment to quality and tradition.

In order to emphasize the identity of the brand LACO and to meet our customers quality-requirements, the mechanical movements have been labelled consistently as part of our development.

The LACO engraving on the rotor and the bridge gives a LACO watch its high precision quality seal “Made In Germany”. Additional finetuning of the chronometry by our watchmakers perfects each LACO timepiece.

Consequently we have renamed our movements, which are limited to the well known brandnames ETA, Sellita and Miyota.

LACO 01 = ETA 2801.2
LACO 04 = ETA 2804.2
LACO 15 = Miyota 9015
LACO 21 = Miyota 821A
LACO 24 = ETA 2824.2 or SW200
LACO 50 = ETA 7750
LACO 92 = ETA 2892A2
LACO 97 = ETA 6497
LACO 98 = ETA 6498

Our experienced watchmakers as well as strict quality control insure LACO quality at the highest level.

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