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The modern Pforzheim

The modern Pforzheim

The city of Pforzheim present herself today as a young, open-minded city, which has been given a completely new face in recent years.

In the countless sidewalk cafes, young people are enjoying the modern flair of the city. Especially recommended is a pub ramble in the quarter Brötzingen which has escaped the destruction during the second World War.

That just young people like to come to Pforzheim, lies also on the fact that there is a famous technical college of Business and Design, which enjoys an excellent international reputation. Particularly worth mentioning is the automobile design course, which is unmatched in this way, and leads even the most renowened automobile companies to Pforzheim.

Also watches and jewelry fans get their money's worth in Pforzheim.

The city of Pforzheim offers to undertake an unique opportunity to a time journey through the history of the traditional industry. The museum of technics offers an insight into the manufacturing of jewelry and watches in the past. However, the highlight of the time journey are the newly built Jewlry Worlds in the center of the city.

That everyone gets here a view into glazed workshops in the manufacture of jewelry and watches is an inimitable experience.

That have to be mentioned is also the beautiful location of Pforzheim at the gate of the northern Black Forest. Here is a short walk on the historic Wallenberg with its stele worth, which ist visible from a distance and commemorating the destruction of Pforzheim in 1945. From there you have a wonderful view of the Black Forest and the Enzkreis, which invites you to relax a few days and enjoy Swabian delicacies.

A visit is worthwhile!