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About Laco

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur

The LACO Watch Manufacturer has a nearly 90 years history. In those years, there was a permanent change, which lives up the company more to herself.

Therefore, the movement has proved itself from pure mechanical to quartz, then to wirless. To meet these technical challenges, LACO has always invested in the latest manufacturing equipment. Thus, although high-quality mechanical watches in the highest precision are still assembled by hand, yet the watchmaker is being supported by the latest test and measurement equipment. Calibrated time scales and testing devices for water resistance are therefore on the cutting edge of technology.

The high quality of the watches MADE IN PFORZHEIM which is recognized worldwide, is of course guaranteed as well in large series. In order to get an optimal price / performance ratio, these advanced assembly lines are standing for this manufacturing available, on which fixing of the dial and hands runs almost automatically. Setting the date display effects fully automatically. The last stop on the production line is to review the positioned hands with a camera.

There are testing devices for water resistance further for this production available, which allows 10 watches to be tested in a single operation at the same time.

To offer our customers a high degree of individuality, LACO has also computerized engraving and signature machines, which allow to produce unique items in every price range.

The changing time at LACO has not only taken place in the technics. The company is led by an experienced team which reacts quickly to any change in the market. LACO is working internationally together with over 25 distributors worldwide, therefore, LACO is now to be found on every continent on earth.

To come up to the challenge of technology and rapidly changing market, it is for the LACO team not only as a matter of course, but also a joy and honor, to get to lead LACO in the future .